5 star rating from 3000+ verfied reviews
5 star rating from 3000+ verfied reviews


Tutoring Centre

About Us

Top Scope College is one of Australia’s leading tutoring schools, offering specialised tutoring for scholarship, selective entrance, VCE, and IB exam preparation, taught by a team of highly experienced teachers. Top-scoring students consistently obtain scholarships or entry to prestigious and select entry schools, as well as high VCE results each year. Our programmes cover multiple …

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Meet Our Staff

Dr. Olivia Liang Principal Dr. Olivia Liang, the Principal of Top Scope College, has conducted research into the relationship between students’ motivation and academic performance. Her aim is to provide professional help to students to develop a positive attitude towards study and effective study skills to succeed in Accelerated Learning,  Scholarship and Selective Examinations, and …

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Top Scope Curriculum ALC: Our Accelerated Learning program is a fast-paced delivery of the standard national curriculum, intended to equip academically gifted and driven students with the necessary tools to tackle the complexities of advanced courses in the future stages of their education. The ALC strives to develop and refine students’ critical thinking and learning abilities, …

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School Motto

“SED MAGIS AMICA VERITAS” Adhering to our motto of “Sed Magis Amica Veritas”, “Truth is our greater friend”, the college values knowledge as key to unlocking new realms of wisdom and a catalyst of personal development. Coat of arms Above: Phoenix Centre: Shield, with Southern Cross within.  The Phoenix represents a renewed sense of strength. Perched proudly on …

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Welcome From The Principal

Welcome to Top Scope College Top Scope College is a place where we create opportunities for students to aspire to their potential through challenge and support. There is an emphasis on instilling a lifelong passion for learning in all students, to enjoy and appreciate the journey in pursuit of their personal goals. Our students are …

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