5 star rating from 3000+ verfied reviews
5 star rating from 3000+ verfied reviews

Junior Writing

For Year 3 to Year 5 students 

Top Scope College’s Junior Writing Class has been designed to equip students with effective writing and grammatical skills in the English language. Our English writing course will reinforce the student’s existing knowledge and will add new knowledge and methods to improve the student’s grasp of English, which will enhance the student’s assessment performance and confidence using written and verbal communication.

english writing course

Skills students will learn:

  • Sentence structure
  • Paragraphing  
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Basic writing skills
  • Writing in a variety of text-types       
  • Preparation for scholarship test  


Please call on 03 9568-6776 or send email to [email protected]

English Writing Course

Unlock the power of writing for Year 3 to Year 5 students in our English writing course. Join us to build a strong foundation in sentence structure, paragraphing, spelling, and grammar.

Develop essential writing skills that will enable you to express yourself effectively across various text types. Our junior writing class is tailored specifically for students in Year 3 to Year 5, ensuring age-appropriate content and engaging activities. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to excel in English. Enroll today and watch your writing skills soar!

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