5 star rating from 3000+ verfied reviews
5 star rating from 3000+ verfied reviews

New Campus Enrollment Limited-Time Special Offer

  • Enroll any time before 30th Sep, will receive one free lesson 
  • Two or more students enroll at the same time before 30th Sep, each one will receive one free lesson 
  • Enrol 20 weeks in a single payment, will receive a 15% tuition discount 
  • All students in grades 3 to 9 can participate in two simulation tests for free.

*All above promotions can be combined

*This promotion is only available at the Preston campus


5.0 rating of 3249 reviews

Victoria high reputation tutoring school Preston Campus

We pride ourselves on our strong professionalism and our caring, focused approach to teaching. Our friendly, professional administration team are happy to support you throughout the enrolment process, as well as discuss any concerns or queries about your child’s progress. 

Successful stories

“Dear Olivia and TSC team,
You are a principal who wholeheartedly cares about students. You gave me support in a way I never expected, from congratulating me personally on exam results to spending hours of your time mentoring and preparing me for interviews. All of that volunteering led me to fulfill my goal of getting into Melbourne High School with flying colors, as well as another scholarship from PEGS. I'm glad I could know you not as a principal but as a mentor and friend. Thank you for all the care you have given me, and to teach me that learning isn't all about marks. Top Scope College works!

Lochlan Tieu
My child has been studying at Top Scope for 2 years. They have helped my daughter in all aspects of learning aspects. The teachers and staff are really professional and supportive. Dr Olivia and the team have been really helpful throughout the years. During Covid they were able to quickly and smoothly transfer onto Zoom and provide the same amount of feedback and support. My daughter was able to get into a selective school with the extensive guidance and personal support and feedback they provided. I recommend it to everyone.

Ms Gupta
My son has attended TSC since he was in Year 5 and he has just recently been accepted into a selective school. Olivia has been very helpful throughout the years, guiding us to make the right decision. TSC has helped my son achieve his dream, I am grateful for all the help and support. They prepare their students for the exam so well, that my son was very so confident during the exam and didn’t feel nervous at all.

Ms Tjandra

Highest quality tutoring school in Victoria

Six advantages make us invincible

Proven results

Excellent results from private school scholarships, selective high school exams and VCE exams

Structured and updated programs

Our materials are rigorously checked and maintained to ensure they are relevant, challenging, and reflective of the Victorian curriculum and VCAA standards.

High quality books and test papers

Our scholarship testing materials are based closely on real tests and topics given in Victorian Selective School exams, giving our students a competitive edge.

Extra resources and supports

Based on students’ strengths and weaknesses, we will provide extra resources and support to improve their learning.

One-on-one consultations

Our supportive admin staff will keep liaising with parents about students’ progress and provide individual help.

Highly qualified teachers

The teachers at Top Scope are experienced and professionally qualified, many of them actively teaching in Victorian state and private schools.

Our Achievements

With our support, every student will thrive and fulfil their potential

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Students received raw scores of 40+ in VCE exams
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Scholarships offered by private schools in Victoria
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Students received selective high school offers

Tutoring course selections

At the core of Top Scope College’s mission is the promotion of excellence in learning, both academically and in terms of personal development in all students.
Accelerated learning classes

The fast-paced delivery of the standard national curriculum is intended to equip academically gifted and driven students with the necessary tools to tackle the complexities of advanced courses in the future stages of their education.

Scholarship & Selective Test 6

Scholarship and Selective Test 6 (SST 6) class, offered to current year 5 students, is a 12-month program that aims to equip students with the essential tools and knowledge to tackle the challenges presented in private schools’ scholarship exams and public school SEAL exams.

Scholarship & Selective Test 8

Scholarship and Selective Test 8 (SST 8) class, offered to current year 7 students, is a 12-month program that aims to equip students with the essential tools and knowledge to tackle the challenges presented in Selective High School entrance exams and private schools’ scholarship exams.

Selective Test Science

This program is for current Year 8 or Year 9 students to prepare the entrance exams to entry John Monash Science School or Elizabeth Blackburn Science School.

Classic Reading and Writing

This course is for current Year 5 to Year 8 students. Students will develop various styles of writings effectively.

VCE and IB

For current Year 9 to Year 12 students, focused on helping students to prepare VCE exams by developing all the core skills required for VCE English.

Hundreds of students come to us heading to the schools below

Hundreds of students come to us heading to the schools below