5 star rating from 3000+ verfied reviews
5 star rating from 3000+ verfied reviews

AMC Preparation Class

Boost Maths skills with highly qualified teacher and professional training system

Success stories and reviews

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ping zou

Top Scope College Chadstone has been amazing in supporting my son with assistance in English,Maths and Science. The tutors have been very professional and well versed in the subject. The team are understanding and flexible. I get a report every week that tell me what my son did and how he went. Iam very satisfied with Top Scope College Chadstone. Highly recommend!

Leve K Louis

My two girls have been going to Top Scope for a few years. The teachers at TSC are of a high standard. Their teaching helps my girls to perform beyond the expected standard at their year levels. We have been quite happy with TSC. Even though it is 1 hour drive up and down, we don’t mind taking our girls to TSC, Chadstone.

Maggie Kwan

Teachers made an effort to provide additional free time to coach their students struggling on certain topics. This shows the school is committed to help their students. I don’t see this in another coaching school.

Our Advantages

The AMC (Australia Maths Competition) course can be a valuable investment for students who want to improve their math skills, boost their confidence, and excel in the Australian Maths Competition. Supercharge your math skills with our maths tutoring program.

Develops problem-solving skills

Develops problem-solving skills: The AMC course teaches students how to approach complex maths problems, break them down into smaller parts, and apply different problem-solving strategies to solve them. This can help students improve their critical thinking, logical reasoning, and analytical skills.

Enhances maths knowledge

The AMC course covers a wide range of maths topics, from basic arithmetic to advanced algebra and geometry. By studying these topics in-depth, students can improve their maths knowledge and understanding, which can help them excel in other areas of maths as well.

Prepares for the competition

The AMC course is specifically designed to prepare students for the Australia Maths Competition. It provides students with practice questions and sample papers, which can help them get familiar with the types of questions they can expect on the day of the competition.

Benefits from the AMC preparation class

AMC preparation can improve problem-solving skills, boost math knowledge and enhance critical thinking and logical reasoning abilities.

By attending an AMC preparation course or class, students can get familiar with the types of questions asked in the competition and practice solving them, which can increase their chances of success.

AMC preparation can also help students identify their strengths and weaknesses and focus on areas that need improvement, leading to a better overall performance in Math.

Meet our teachers

All the teachers are from secondary teaching backgrounds. Their knowledge and vision always inspire students to think critically and work diligently.
Mr. James Myint
Mr. James Myint
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Mr. Myint is VCE Maths and Science coordinator in Top Scope College from 2023. Mr. Myint has taught chemistry in many countries, including Singapore and Australia with different curriculums for more than 15 years with students spanning VCE, GCE O Level, Cambridge IGCSE, and A Level. His students have achieved incredible results with more than 50% of them achieving scores of 90%.

Australia Maths Competition

Unlock your full mathematical potential with TopScope’s exceptional AMC (Australia Maths Competition) classes. Our professional Olympiad Maths training system, led by highly qualified teachers, offers a transformative learning experience. Through tailored instruction, we empower students to master mathematical concepts and hone their problem-solving skills, preparing them for remarkable academic success. Compete and excel in the Australia Maths Competition with confidence, knowing you’ve received the best preparation from our dedicated team.

The Australia Mathematics Competition (AMC), under the stewardship of the Australia Mathematics Trust (AMT), stands as a premier annual event, inspiring students nationwide. With a diverse array of mathematical challenges, the AMC fosters critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Participation not only allows students to showcase their mathematical prowess at a national level but also serves as a catalyst for unlocking their full academic potential. Join us in embracing this enriching journey and realising your mathematical ambitions.