5 star rating from 3000+ verfied reviews
5 star rating from 3000+ verfied reviews

2022 Excellent Scholarship Results

Plus Changes to the Public School SEAL Program in 2022

The 2022 private school scholarship examinations are almost over! Congratulations to those Top Scope College students who have been awarded private school scholarships!

  1. St Catherine’s: 50% (Y5 entry)
  2. St Catherine’s: 50% (Y5 entry)
  3. St Catherine’s: 60% (Y4 entry)
  4. Berwick Grammar: 60% (Y7 entry)
  5. Berwick Grammar: 50% (Y7 entry)
  6. St Margaret: 60% (Y5 entry)
  7. St Margaret: 60% (Y5 entry)
  8. St Margaret: 60% (Y7 entry) 2 students
  9. St Margaret: 50% (Y7 entry) 4 students
  10. Melbourne Grammar: 40% (Y7 entry)
  11. St Kevin’s: 75% (Y7 entry)
  12. Korowa: 50% (Year 5 entry) 2 students
  13. Carey: 50% (Year 9 entry)
  14. Tintern Grammar: 25% music scholarship (Y7 entry)
  15. Melbourne Grammar: 40% 
  16. Korowa: 50% (Year 5 entry) 2 students
  17. Carey: 50% (Year 9 entry)
  18. Loreto: 60% (Year 5 entry)
  19. Lauriston: 70% (Year 5 entry)
  20. Lauriston: 100% music scholarship
  21. Fintona Girls’ School: 50% (Year 5 entry)
  22. Fintona Girls’ School: 50% (Year 8 entry)
  23. Fintona Girls’ School: 50%
  24. St Catherine’s School: 50% (Year 7 entry)
  25. St Catherine’s School: 50% (Year 5 entry)
  26. Haileybury: 90% (Y5 entry)
  27. Kingswood: 50% (Y5 entry)

We are waiting for more good news….

We are very proud of our students and parents for their dedication and achievements!


VCE Results in 2021

Turning to last year’s VCE results’ ranking, we see the major private schools have continued to perform exceptionally well in the 2021 VCE examinations. The last two years of online classes have not slowed down the quality of teaching and learning. Indeed, many schools that were not outstanding in the past have shone in the 2021 VCE exams. In addition, the selective entry public schools and selective entry science public schools have performed excellently, generally all placing in the top 30 high schools in Victoria. 

Public schools that made it into the top 50-100 range in the 2021 rankings include Balwyn High School, Box Hill High School, Mckinnon Secondary College, and East Doncaster Secondary College. Schools which have made impressive progress in 2021 include Ashwood High School, Auburn High School, and Frankston High School, all placing in the top 50-100 range – a real improvement from previous years! This is due to these schools’ SEAL programs, which directly boost their overall performance.

How to Enter the SEAL Program

As in previous years, after the private school scholarship exams are over, most of the public school SEAL exams will begin in late April and early May. Many public schools, such as Albert Park College, Auburn High School, East Doncaster Secondary College, University High School, and Brighton Secondary College, are open to everyone, not just those living within the school district. These schools recruit high-achieving students into their SEAL programs, which teach the curriculum one year ahead of regular classes. 

However, the process for this year’s SEAL program examinations has been significantly adjusted in accordance with new requirements from the Ministry of Education:

  1. Students in Year 6 must submit their applications for the schools they would like to attend in Year 7 by the end of Term 2.
  2. All public secondary schools must make offers of admission to students who will be attending Year 7 in 2023 by 20 July 2022.
  3. Examinations for public school SEAL programs must not be administered before 20 July 2022.

This means that public school SEAL program examinations can only be administered after 20 July 2022, after each student has determined where he or she will go to high school in 2023. Simply put: admissions first, then selection for the SEAL program. Selection will only be made from the group of Year 7 students who will attend each school in 2023.

Therefore, students who will be taking the SEAL program examination this year need to pay special attention to the following:

  1. Confirm which school district they reside in
  2. Confirm which school accepts them for Year 7 next year
  3. Keep in touch with the school to ensure they take the correct SEAL program examination 

As a result of this policy change, there will be more opportunities for students within the school district to be accepted into public school SEAL programs. Our SST6 private school scholarship and public school SEAL preparation class provides Year 6 students with a short-term intensive curriculum that will challenge them and help them lay a solid foundation for entering secondary school!

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