5 star rating from 3000+ verfied reviews
5 star rating from 3000+ verfied reviews

2020 Selective High School Entry Test Update & Simulation Test

Dear SST8 students, 

    We are grateful that Victoria has made the huge efforts to reduce the confirmed cases in last couple of days. Eventually, Victoria’s coronavirus restrictions have changed. For our SST8 students, your examination for entering Year 9 Selective High Schools in 2021 will be taken on 14th and 15th November 2020. 

     To provide you with the best preparation before the examination, Top Scope College would love to invite you to attend the last simulation test on

Thursday 5th November (5:30-7:30pm) or

Saturday 7th November (10:00am-12:00pm)

In classrooms.

    Please confirm your attendance by replying this email with STUDENT’S FULL NAME & TIME by 1st November. The office will keep the social distance for students and supervisors. We will need confirm the number of students as soon as possible. If you haven’t reply this email by 1st November, we will assume that the student won’t attend the simulation test. 

The selective entry high school examination comprises a series of four tests, in the following order:

  1. verbal reasoning(multiple-choice, 30 minutes)
  2. numerical reasoning(multiple-choice, 30 minutes)


  1. reading comprehension(multiple-choice, 30 minutes)
  2. mathematics(multiple-choice, 30 minutes).

 What to bring

  1.          Two 2B or 4B pencils, a sharpener and an eraser. A blue or black biro is optional for the writing tasks
  2. A snack and drink for the break.

Your child is not allowed to bring the following items to the examination

  1. mobile phones   ×
  2. digital watches   ×
  3. pencil cases      ×
  4. rulers                 ×
  5. scrap paper       ×
  6. calculators         ×
  7. dictionaries        ×
  8. bags                  ×

When parents will arrive the campus, please read the instructions below carefully. Please follow the instructions kindly for healthy issue.

 Arriving at school

  • Parents can drop off the students 10 minutes before the starting time.
  • Parents are asked to stay with their cars and say goodbye on Warrigal Rd.
  • Parents will respect social distancing rules at all times.
  • Staff will be on duty in Warrigal Rd to welcome you and direct students to their classroom.
  • Students will go straight to the classroom after saying goodbye to the parents.

Leaving school

  • Students will wait with a staff on Warrigal Rd after the exam.
  • Parents are asked to stay with their cars and wait for students to walk to them.
  • Parents will respect social distancing rules at all times.
  • If parents are not collected within the designated collection period, you will need to call the office as soon as possible.

Social Distancing

  • There will only be staff and students in the Top Scope College unless by appointment.
  • There will not be any large gatherings for activities.
  • All adults are required to respect social distancing recommendations.

Safety and hygiene

  • Students will be asked to wash hands regularly before eating and after.
  • Students will use hand sanitiser when entering and leaving classrooms.
  • Surfaces and high touch areas will be regularly wiped down.

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