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Selective Test Science

John Monash Science School and Elizabeth Blackburn Science School are selective schools in Victoria. With strong ties to Monash University and the University of Melbourne respectively, these schools offer students the unique opportunity to work with the very best educators in the STEM fields.

Top Scope College is proudly introducing a special Selective Test Science course for Current Year 8 or Year 9 students. This course will be continued until the JMSS or EBSS entrance examination. Our STS course not only ensures students have strong test taking skills, we also provide essay writing techniques and lab report writing. Students will also cover the main concepts from years 7-9 Science and Mathematics so they can have confidence in their knowledge come test day. Our experienced teachers work closely with our students in their preparations so they can maximise their potential.

Two Main Parts

Part 1. Year 9 foundation + Science writing skills

            Year 9 course will cover English, Maths, Science and Science writing skills.

Part 2. Trial test course

            Class duration: 3.5 hours each week

            Date: Feb ~ June

 Trial Test Course FEATURES:

· Weekly Test + Explanation

· Revision of Science School Entrance Exam

· Edutest type, i.e., Science RC, Numerical Reasoning, Maths & Science Writing

· Evaluation of student performance - this course is a close indication of how the student will perform in the actual entrance exam.

· TSC trial test format which is very similar to the real tests.

· Computerized marking system used for all tests.

· Result papers which are provided to students every week.

· Trial Test papers are not to be taken out of the classroom.

· To secure the place, please book early.