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Dr. Olivia Liang


Dr. Olivia Liang, the Principal of Top Scope College, has conducted research into the relationship between students’ motivation and academic performance. Her aim is to provide professional help to students to develop a positive attitude towards study and effective study skills to succeed in Accelerated Learning,  Scholarship and Selective Examinations, and ATAR.

Mrs. Lisa Younes

VCE English

I have been a teacher of VCE English for eighteen years. I have worked for many years in leading independent schools and I also had the wonderful opportunity of spending a year teaching English as a Foreign Language in schools and my local community in Mie ken, Japan. I am a current VCAA English Assessor and began my role of assessing the year twelve English exam in 2004. I have lectured in all areas of the VCE English curriculum and have written and published educational material, including course development, exams and text study guides. I am currently enjoying teaching English at Top Scope College and am passionate about my subject and my commitment to helping each individual student build their skills and work towards their educational goals.

Mr. Mark Bennett

VCE Mathematics

I have been a teacher of VCE Mathematics for fifteen years.  With a postgraduate degree in Mathematics, I worked for over two decades in the IT industry, developing and managing actuarial and financial software products in both the public and private sectors.  I decided to pursue my passion for Mathematics and subsequently joined the teaching profession.  I have taught all levels of VCE Mathematics in many educational institutions and was the coordinator of VCE Further Mathematics at a leading independent school.  As a teacher, I am committed to improving the numeracy and reasoning skills of all students and to assist each individual achieve their full potential.  At Top Scope College, I am fortunate to share my passion for Mathematics with dedicated students as they shape and expand their academic pathways.

Ms. Ashleigh Oldfield

Science Coordinator

Miss. Katherine Wright

Scholarship & Selective English

Mrs. Elizabeth Fensham

VCE English

Mrs. Karly Dacosta

Scholarship & Selective English

Mr. Martin Xie

Scholarship & Selective Mathematics

Miss. Yvonne Gao

Scholarship & Selective Consultant