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VCE Chemistry Units 1&2

Top Scope College CHADSTONE is proud to introduce our ‘VCE Chemistry Units 1&2 Course’ for Year 10 students (in 2021) from 12th October 2021. The course involves VCE-level preparation for Chemistry.

TSC Chadstone are delighted to announce that we have invited an experienced VCE Chemistry teacher from a top private school in Melbourne to teach this course. The course is focused on helping students to prepare for VCE by teaching all the core concepts and skills required for VCE Chemistry. 

We cover:


·         Atomic theory

·         Periodic table — categorization of             substances

·         Intramolecular bonding — metallic,          ionic, covalent

·         The Mole concepts

·         Introduction to organic chemistry

·         Solubility of substances

·         Intermolecular forces — dipole,                dispersion, hydrogen bonding

·         Precipitation reaction

·         Acid base reaction

·         Redox reaction

·         Calculating Concentration

·         Analytical chemistry


We provide:

Ö        Comprehensive notes on all topics covered.

Ö        Worked examples of difficult questions.

Ö        Assessments at the end of each unit to test students’ knowledge and ensure they         have a solid understanding of the content.

Class Time:

Tuesday, 5:00-7:00pm

** For more information, please

 Contact us                  03 9568 6776