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Our VCE and IB Teaching Structure


Here at Top Scope College, we plan to implement a new style of teaching into VCE and IB learning to create a more immersive and engaging experience for students.



  • Led by a teacher with comprehensive knowledge of the VCE subject, addressing a class of 10-20 students
  • Serves to first introduce and familiarise students to the concepts and techniques integral to the subject being studied
  • Emulates the self-driven learning style students will transition to in university
  • Boosts students’ confidence in the subject by developing a stable foundation of knowledge
  • Will be recorded and made easily available, allowing students to review the lectures whenever they need to 


  • Aims to further consolidate and enrich the understanding developed during lectures
  • Led by high-achieving tutors who have had valuable firsthand experience of the VCE program
  • In small groups of no more than five, students can seek one-on-one guidance with their tutor
  • Allows for any confusion or misunderstandings regarding the subject to be effectively targeted and reconciled
  • Students will remain with the same tutor, allowing them to develop a close-knit relationship with an older mentor 




  • Encourages self-driven learning habits in students
  • Develop a better self-awareness of weak areas within subjects
  • Efficient delivery of large amounts of content in each lesson
  • Preparation of the learning style demanded of them in university



  • Further consolidation of course content in smaller groups of no more than 5 people
  • Opportunity for discussion of course content between students
  • Allow tailored, 1 on 1 question time with tutor to address individual weaknesses within the subject
  • Students are able to access support out of class hours