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TSC VCE English Teacher Mrs. Lisa Younes

Mrs. Lisa Younes

Mrs. Younes has been teaching VCE English for 24 years. She has worked for many years in leading independent schools, and was a state assessor for VCE English (VCAA) from 2005 to 2015. Mrs. Younes has also had the opportunity to spend a year teaching English as a Foreign Language in Mie-ken, Japan, an experience she thoroughly enjoyed. She has lectured in all areas of the VCE English curriculum and has written and published educational material, including course development, exams and text study guides. 

Mrs. Younes has taught VCE English and Literature at Top Scope College for 7 years. She currently teaches Year 11 and 12 English classes. She is passionate about English and is firmly committed to helping each individual student build their skills and work towards their educational goals.