We are delighted you are interested in Top Scope College. We look forward to welcoming your child into our School.

At the core of Top Scope College’s mission is the promotion of excellence in learning, both academically and in terms of personal development in all students. The college sees extraordinary value in nurturing a complete student through the medium of academics to be both intellectually capable and driven to achieve success in their future endeavours. 



Our entry points for new students are from Prep to Year 12. We offer different classes depends on students’ specialised targets:

Accelerated Learning Class – Year 1 to 10;

Scholarship & Selective Test 6 – Main targets on Year 7 Entry of Private School with Scholarship or SEAL programs of Public School;

Scholarship & Selective Test 8 – Main targets on Year 9/10 Entry of Selective High School or Private School with Scholarship;

Selective Test Science – Main targets on Year 10/11 Entry of Selective High School of Science (John Monash Science School & Elizabeth Blackburn Science School);

Junior Writing – Year 3 to 5;

Classic Reading & Writing 6 – Year 5, for scholarship & selective school exam;

Classic Reading & Writing 8 – Year 7, for scholarship & selective school exam;

VCE Beginner Class – Year 9/10

VCE English – Unit 1, 2 & Unit 3, 4

VCE Mathematics – Unit 1, 2 & Unit 3, 4

VCE Physics – Unit 1, 2 & Unit 3, 4

VCE Chemistry – Unit 1, 2 & Unit 3, 4

VCE Biology – Unit 1, 2 & Unit 3, 4

Please contact us to confirm availability and discuss admissions procedures.


How to Apply

We welcome your application for your child to attend Top Scope College.



Our students come from a broad range of backgrounds and have varied academic and wider interests, so we encourage you to contact us to discuss your interest in Top Scope College, express students’ demands, determine availability and organise an Assessment Test. 



An overview of our Admissions procedures is provided below.

1.     Apply: Contact our office to express your interest in a place in our programs.

a.     Online applications can be found below and can be submitted at any time. Alternatively, send through your expression of interest directly via email to

b.     Visit our office to complete Application form or submit online.

c.     Call our office to enquire and apply.

2.     Assessment Test: Top Scope College offers accelerated programs that teaches materials beyond the level expected by the national curriculum. To ensure that  your child is suitable and able to adapt to the pace of our programs, they will be required to sit an assessment test to determine their current academic levels.

3.     Offer / Acceptance and confirmation: If your child is offered a position into the College, you will need to accept the terms and conditions before your child can commence their program.

4.     Commencement: Relevant materials and appropriate information will be supplied, and your child may begin their learning at Top Scope.


We look forward to you joining us!


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