2020 Selective High School Entry Test Update


Due to the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) and associated restrictions on gatherings, the original examination date of Saturday 13 June 2020 has now been postponed.

The selective entry high school examination is now proposed to take place on Saturday 19 September 2020 at:

Melbourne Showgrounds

Epsom Road

Ascot Vale, Victoria

Advice regarding the examination, including date, time and location, will be provided to applicants in September 2020 via email. If applicants have not received advice regarding the examination by
Monday 14 September 2020, they should contact the Selective Entry Unit on 9014 1400 or by email:

Examination format

The examination includes ability and achievement tests and takes approximately three hours to complete. The examination is designed to test and challenge students. Many students find examination day demanding and this should be taken into consideration by parents.

The selective entry high school examination comprises a series of five tests, in the following order:

1.    verbal reasoning (multiple-choice, 30 minutes)

2.    numerical reasoning (multiple-choice, 30 minutes)

3.    persuasive OR creative writing (writing task, 30 minutes plus 5 minutes planning time). Whether or not students are presented with a persuasive or creative writing task varies from year to year, with all students required to complete the same task in any given year.


4.    reading comprehension (multiple-choice, 30 minutes)

5.    mathematics (multiple-choice, 30 minutes).

Prior to commencing each multiple-choice test, the administrator will go through three practice examples with the students to ensure they have an understanding of what to expect.

Sample test papers are available to assist applicants who wish to become familiar with the selective entry high school tests. Sample practice tests are available on the Department of Education and Training’s website at:


Proof of identity

Students are required to bring photographic identification to the examination.

Photographs must be no more than 18 months old and must be a clear representation of the student’s current appearance. Examples include:

·         student card issued by the student’s current school

·         current student travel card

·         recent class photograph (with the student and his/her name clearly shown)

·         recent passport

·         current library card (with photograph)

·         a recent photograph that has been signed by the student’s school and has the school stamp

·         a certified copy of a photograph that details the student’s name and date of birth (for further information, refer to Guidelines for the certification of documents at: www.education.gov.au/guidelines-certification-documents).

Students will not be allowed to sit the examination unless they have the appropriate photographic identification.

Special arrangements for the examination

Special arrangements for the examination (e.g. wheelchair access, materials for visually impaired students) may be organised for students where required. Requests for special arrangements must be made at the time of application, on the application form.

Requests for special arrangements must be made by 29 May 2020.

2021 Year 9 Entry to Victoria’s Selective Entry High Schools Information Pack