Online Teaching Review

Dear all students, 

Thank you for all our students and parents follow up and cooperate with our online teaching system. From first and second week, although we have trained teachers every week, we have noticed some problems.


1. Students’ behaviour control. Some students cannot concentrate the class properly or students share their screen during class time.


  1. We have separated some of classes with big number of students. Teachers will be notice student’s behaviour. Year 4, SST6 (scholarship and selective test class) and Year 7. If you would like to join in those classes with a smaller group, please let us know. 
  2. Office has blocked all students share their screen and blocked their chatting with each other. However, please remind students not writing on the screen or chatting during the class time. We will keep training our teachers at the same time. 
  3. Office and teachers suggest if parents can help us control students’ behaviour, will be efficient. We suggest that Year 2 parents can sit with them when they are online learning. If parents from other year levels would like to join in the class, please feel free to join in us.


2. Some students cannot unmute themselves. There were some students cannot unmute themselves during the class, neither can teacher do. 

Solution: Sorry, we can’t do anything about it. It seems this is the problem from your Wi-Fi or ZOOM.

What we suggest: Please update ZOOM to the most updated version. If still can’t work, you can use ‘Chat’ function to type in the questions that you want to ask, or you can text message the office to say student’s name, questions number. 

We will ask teacher to check ‘Chat’ box more frequently. We will ask teacher to explain the questions if we receive your message.


3. Access share folder.

Please access the share folder every week to check the relevant document that you needed for this coming week. Please contact office if you need the link and password. 

We appreciate that our students and parents adapt yourselves quickly to involve in the online learning systems. We appreciate your suggestions and complains. All your voices will make us better and teaching efficiently. 

We will keep training teachers and update all the new functions and technology and apply in the online teaching.


Looking forward to seeing you online!

Top Scope College